Scrips Giftcard Program - What is Scrip?
Scrips Cards.png

- Scrips is a fundraiser that lets you buy gift cards through AMP to places you already shop.  Each time you purchase a gift card, a portion is deposited into your student’s account.  

- More than 750 different gift card options available.
(Home Depot, Marianos and more)

- It's easy to manage online from your house

How to get started using Scrip?    

Click here for Scrip setup steps

If you have questions, please email Pam Kelleher and Pam will walk you through the steps. It is quick and easy!

Buy Jewel Gift Cards for your grocery shopping totaling $500.00
You earn back $25.00 and 75% of that goes to your child, which is $18.75 and the rest pays for the Scripts program and then anything left goes to AMP. The $18.75 gets deposited in your child’s AMP account and you can check their account anytime. You now have your cards to pay for your purchases and you paid the same amount you would have anyway but your child got cash back! You will have a list of vendors and the percentage they give back.

If you do this for your monthly groceries, Starbucks, birthday gifts or even home improvements at Home Depot etc. the money adds up so quickly. The money can be used for the yearly trips, private lessons and camps for all the music departments.

2019-2020 Order Dates:

  • Sept 1

  • Sept 15

  • Sept 29

  • Oct 13

  • Oct 27

  • Nov 10

  • Nov 17

  • December 1

  • December 8

  • December 15

  • Jan 5

  • Jan 19

  • Feb 2

  • Feb 16

  • March 1

  • March 15

  • April 5

  • April 19

  • May 3

  • May 17

  • May 31