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Potbelly Fundraiser May 20th
5pm - 8pm 552 Roosevelt Rd

2019 Music Department Awards Night
Monday, May 20th 7:00 pm in the Auditorium

Awards for band, choir, and orchestra including most improved, outstanding members, rookie of the year, music camp scholarships, numerals, letters, medals of honor and orders of court musician.

Join us to honor the senior class of 2019!

Upcoming Performances-

23 - Graduation

Full Music Site Calendar.

Looking Ahead:
July 31 - 8/4 - Marching Band Camp
Aug 6-8 - Orchestra Camp
Aug 26 Curtainraiser Concert /          Parent Night

Next AMP Meeting:
May 8, 7pm in the Choir Room
full meeting list

Student Accounts
Fundraisers are available for students to earn money to help cover music expenses. The fundraising page has more information.

May Student Account balances here.

Become an Annual Contributor As a member of the Glenbard West Association of Music Parents (AMP), you’re making a difference in lives of the many student musicians of Glenbard West.
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Yard Signs
yard sign
Contact Nicole Krueger and click order form for more info.

We Need Your Help! Check out open positions and sign up to volunteer by clicking the Link. We really need your help to make the music program a success.