How large is the music program at West?

Communication and eMail Lists

One of the best ways to get updated information via email.  Below is a list of email lists - if you feel you are not receiving notifications you may need to contact your student's music teacher to request being added to one or more of these lists.

  • Band parents eMail list (Band parents only) - occasional emails from Jonathan Walsh ( regarding band topics.

  • Choir parents eMail list (Choir parents only) - occasional emails from Andrew Jeffrey ( regarding orchestra topics.

  • Orchestra parents eMail list (Orchestra parents only) - occasional emails from William Ortega ( regarding orchestra topics.

  • Glenbard West AMP eMails list - if you have a child in the music program you should occasionally receive emails from AMP. This would include information about upcoming concerts, fundraisers, and social events.

  • Marching Band eMail list (Marching Band Only) - if your student is a member of Marching Band you should receive emails both from Jonathan Walsh and "GW Marching Band" ( which is the parent band coordinator mailing address.

  • "Remind" app - sends text notifications to ____

Extra-Cirricular Bands, Choirs, and Orchestras

  • Marching Band

  • Jazz Band

  • School Musical Orchestra / Pit

  • District 87 Honors Band

  • ILMEA competition


Typically, the music department travels abroad every four years and travels domestically every two years.  An international trip is planned for Spring Break 2019.  These trips are optional and extra-curricular and have additional costs.  Information about past travel can be found here:

Music Awards

Handbooks (updated copies found on GBW Music site)

  • Band Handbook

  • Choir Handbook

  • Orchestra Handbook


From time to time AMP will offer optional merchandise such as sweat-shirts ...


Concert uniforms are required for higher level bands, orchestras, and choirs.  Students in these groups will be charged at the beginning of the year ________

Private Lessons and Scholarships

Music students are encouraged to enroll in weekly private lessons if possible. Students can obtain a list of recommended private teachers from their teachers.  Student accounts can be used to offset these expenses.


Does the GBW Extracurricular Code apply to Music?

What are Student Accounts?

The AMP committee offers a variety of fundraisers to help students offset their music related expenses.  Some examples of student expenses are uniforms, lessons, camp attendance, fees, and tours.  Every month an AMP committee leader keeps track of the accumulated student account and posts these on the website listed by student number.   For Example, Student A sells 5 Barones Pizza gift certificates at a cost of $50.  For each certificate sold, the student retains $5 in his/her student account for a total of $30.  In the Spring, the Orchestra announces they will attend an optional field trip to the Lyric Opera at a cost of $30.  The student the $30 from his/her account to cover the cost of the field trip.

What is ILMEA?

Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) sponsors an honor festival for high school music students. The state is divided into 9 districts with most of DuPage County falling into District 9 including all four Glenbards. Note: York High School in Elmhurst is not in our district.  After a school audition, students prepare for a district audition held in early October.  If students score well, they are selected for the District Festival which takes place on a single Saturday in November where students rehearse all day with a notable guest conductor concluding with an afternoon concert. The concert features the District 9 Honor Band, Choir, and Orchestra.  Based on their seating at the District Festival, students could be selected for the “All-State” bands, choirs, and orchestra, which gather in Peoria at the end of January. Being an “All-State” musician is a distinct honor and is reserved for only the best musicians. Tryout and performance dates will be posted on the GBW calendar.  More information about ILMEA:

Concessions – football and 4th of July

What is done with the money raised?

Parent Volunteers

The success of the music program at Glenbard West depends on parents committed to volunteering their time and talents.  Did you know that each year over 300 volunteer spots are needed to be filled, from helping out at concerts and performances, chaperoning field trips, measuring students for uniforms, and everything in between, the music program depends on your help.  A typical concert at the high school requires 15 parent volunteers.  An additional 120 volunteer time slots are needed for the marching band program.  Please see the volunteer spreadsheet for a list of jobs that need filling.  Simply add your name and phone number to volunteer.  If you have any questions you can contact _____

Program Ads

 What is Cabaret Night

Cabaret Night is a fun way for students to showcase their many musical talents. Held in April, we set up a stage in the Cafeteria where students perform before an audience of fellow students and family and friends. Acts might include a solo singer accompanied by piano, an a cappella trio, a jazz/rock group including drums and guitars, a 10 person choir, you name it. Auditions are held in March.

Website Links

  • GBW Music Website (includes info on Band, Choir, Orchestra)

  • GBW Music Calendar

  • Amp Website

  • Facebook Page

Who are the AMP members, board and committees?

If you have a student who is in the band, choir, or orchestra at Glenbard West, then you are a member of AMP!  AMP committee and board members meet monthly together with the three GBW music directors (Walsh, Ortega, Jeffrey) to plan AMP budget, expenses, and activities.  All music student parents are encourage to attend AMP meetings and volunteer for leadership positions.  A list of current board and committee names can be found here.  All members are encourage to volunteer at various music events and contribute financially to support the music program.  Members who make a donation to AMP are considered “contributing member” and will be acknowledged in concert programs and on the website.  Board members consist of volunteer parents who serve 2-year terms and are elected in  .......


Band Topics

GBW Band website:

List of Bands:

  • iBand

  • Concert Band

  • Symphonic Band



Marching Band - how do you you register your student?

What is Band Camp?

All students interested in participating in Marching Band are required to register in the Spring and attend mandatory Band Camp for 5 days in early August.  Band Camp is typically held on the campus of University of Wisconsin Whitewater.  Students spend four nights in the dorm and learn the marches and music for the upcoming football season.  At least ten parent chaperones are needed to organize and supervise the event.  Chaperoning is a great way to learn all that goes into a show and get to know other band parents.

GBW Marching Band Facebook page:

What is the Band Board?

What is Jazz Band?

What is the Honors Music Recital?




Choir Topics

GBW Choir website:

GBW Choir Facebook page:

List of Choirs:

Treble Choir

Advanced Treble Choir

Concert Choir

Chamber Choir

Baritone Choir

Madrigal Carolers

Shades of Green Vocal Jazz Ensemble

A Cappella Club

District 87 Honor Choir

District 87 Solo and Ensemble Festival

Choir board



Orchestra Topics

GBW Orchestra website:

Orchestra Summer Camp

Field Trips – Orchestra will go on several optional field trips yearly including Lyric Opera of Chicago and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as well as taken a tour of the Lewis String Instrument Factory in Chicago.


Student Orchestra Board