The Glenbard West Music Dept will travel to ?????? during 2019

In past years, the GBW Music Department has traveled to many countries including China, Austria, Germany, and most recently to Ireland.  See the link below to find information about the most recent travel abroad experience.  Typically, the music department travels abroad every four years and travels domestically every two years.  It is one of the many benefits of participating in the GBW Music Department.

Fundraisers are available to help student's offset costs, visit the AMP Fundraising Page.

2016/17 Tours

-Los Angeles - Feb 2017 (Choir and Orchestra)

-Orlando - Spring Break 2017 (Band)


Recent Past Tours

Tour to Ireland - Spring Break 2015 (All Music Departments)

Tour to New York - Feb 2013 (Band and Orchestra)

Tour to Washington DC - Feb 2013 (Choir)

Tour to Hawaii - June 2011 (All Music Departments)

Tour to Disneyworld - February 2010 (Band)

Tour to Prague & Vienna - Spring 2009 (All Music Departments)